One of the Things about the New FBpress is that i've been able to team up with the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which is a NO KILL organization. and device a plan of action for me to say thank you for helping homeless animals find a new home who can't help themselves, like my puppy-kitty once was! I've decided to package up all my wallpaper scraps left over from the journals and minis and sell them for $2.00 in the shop...ALL the proceeds from these scrap packs will be donated in a healthy chunk to the SPCA at the end of this year! With your help, you can help our fuzzy friends too!...and get a nice helping of vintage/modern wallpaper pieces to play with at the same time!!

P.S. yes i'm still tweeking the FBpress Site so please bare with me still...times like these i wish i were a twin!!!


  1. Brilliant idea Nicole and for such a worthwhile cause

  2. Love love love love love this idea!!!
    Animals are precious and need all the help they can get... thank you for supporting the SPCA (I volunteer there and it is so rewarding...)
    I will pass this on...



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