catching up...

before i leave you again for another couple of days, i wanted to at least catch up on some great things that were brought to my attention while i was launching...mind you, some have already been happening but i still was inspired by them and still am so i'm posting anywyas... enjoy!

Shanna Murray just launched a beautiful spring line of her fab fabric creations along with a brand new site!

Alena Hennessy had an opening in NY this past Saturday and she also has a revamped site with some new treasures to be had! Alena, i hope your show went without a hitch.

If your going to the National Stationary Show this year, checking out the Relish Booth (#3472) is a must do! They have a great new line up of some favorite talents: jill bliss, good on paper, mateo ilasco, allymoon, and the debut of Joy's (of Oh Joy!) new stationary line called nantaka joy...congrats joy, i can't wait to come and see your new babies!!lol

speaking of the NSS, Surtex will be going on as well and if you have a pass for the NSS you can use it to show hop within the center. One great lady to go see at surtex is the great Julia Rothman, she will be debuting a new fabric line as well as some other fantastic goodies in booth 236.

there are only a few new pieces from the stamen series left from the nebo peklo shop

night owl paper goods is quickly expanding and will launch some new goodies this june also don't forget to check em out at the show as well...i already started a "must see" list!


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Much appreciated :)

    and congrats on your launch!



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