solace in the midst of chaos

I've seemed to find a bit of solace in things this past week, less then what i would like but still some. a pleasant surprise was on my door step on monday from Ashley G., this beautiful print will adorn my studio walls one day when jay and i find our new house. for now i must keep it nice so i wrapped it up and nice and put it with my other "craft tree" print from lara. it will be nice to break them out again to frame once we find a home.

QUICK WEBSITE UPDATE: we replaced some of the goods photos that were looking a bit yellow around the edges (if only i was a good photographer!lol) but we are still trying to troubleshoot the footer, we still can't figure out why it strangely likes to appear in the middle of the page. if anyone could give us a few tips we would greatly apprechiate it! for now you can just refresh the page and it will be fine. seems to only be happening on firefox so we think it could be a coding discrepency between the html and firefox, i heard it's touchy with CSS.


  1. Hey chicky,

    just got Pete to look at your code quickly before he ran off to work. he might be able to look at it in detail more later. In the meantime though, we looked at your "bottom" div and saw that you've got both "float:left", and "clear:both"; in the CSS. In his experience you should never have/need both. You definately need the "clear", so try removing the "float:left". If that buggers things up then maybe look upwards in the code to see why you need it in the first place and fix it there.

    Anywhoo let me know how you go. If he has some spare time I'll get him to sit down and have a proper look at it :)

    Oh he also said using "height" properties in your CSS can be dodgy... dunno why ;)

  2. looks like someone who knows way more aout what they are talking about responded, but I do know from my limited experience, that Firefox tends to be the fussiest... it is fine in Safari and IE...



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