The rundown with Shelterpop

Let me take this quick minute to introduce a little "mini series" collaboration I've begun with a dear long distance friend and well known blogger, Erin Loechner (you know, design for mandkind). Erin has begun a new chapter in her career as the new social media director of Shelterpop. Now you know me, I don't usually put myself out there like this but I've know Erin for a while now and anything she does or finds is so inspiring to me, so I thought wouldn't it be great to share the wealth! I'll be posting some links to Erin's great articles once or twice a month as sort of a trend watch thing....here is our first run for some great spring trends and DIY Ideas.....

The rundown with Shelterpop
I love how jewel tones, bright colors, and bold prints are back in action. Erin gives some great tips on 10 ways you can freshen up your lifestyle for spring.

The rundown with Shelterpop
remember my post on those awesome air plant hanging pods a few posts back? well, just as i suspected, there is quite a trend going around on bringing your indoor plants to life with unexpected presentation.

The rundown with Shelterpop
and just as I said before, prints are evolving into a more geometric, organic, and bold state, which is totally inspired by the idea of patchwork. you'll be seeing it in translated in a more modern way in textiles, home design, and everywhere in between.

When you get to shelterpop, give yourself enough time to file through all the links and ideas they have to offer, there are sources everywhere! have fun!!!


  1. oh you are so sweet, nicole -- thanks for the dear write-up! i'm thrilled to be involved w/ shelterpop, and trust me --- the other contributors to the site are far more talented than i! :)

    p.s. 10 ways to freshen your home for spring was actually written by another shelterpop gal -- amy preiser. you would LOVE her!



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