laura george :: paper boy show

the pool by laurageorge.

silent journey by laurageorge.

the center by laurageorge.

PaperBoy show wall detail 2.2009 by laurageorge.

super whimsical illustrations from laura george. gouache on wood series for her "paper boy" show showing feb to march in chicago. i am in need of some whimsy today! more super cuteness at her etsy shop.


  1. these are so incredibly cute!

    i particularly love the last shot - it contextualizes the series very well.

  2. she has such a lovely touch for color and softness that comes through in her paintings, as well as her 'flat' art from the computer.

    I have her 'make spaghetti' print framed in my dining room. So cute!

  3. Definitely hope that people check out Laura's work. There's such a beauty, kindness and humor to it. I saw the show last Tuesday and it's a lovely collection of her work.

  4. These are hilarious LOL "I am eating your head"



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