(UPDATE: The site is up and is fantastic, congrats to Mav and Lena! go now to reserve your copy of the very first issue of Lines & Shapes)

I am soooo excited about this new project in collaboration with Mav & Lena Corwin.

Quoted from Mav's post today:
"in our words, this is LINES & SHAPES:

we create small books {6 volumes this first year}.
we are an independent art and design collective {creating new work for every volume}.
we are a rotating group of artists whose visions converge {4–6 different artists in each volume}.
we are always thinking of new ideas {each book will have a different visual theme}.
and lines & shapes connect us. "

ooohhh I'm sooo giddy, I just can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see whats in store at the Lines & Shapes site.

LINES & SHAPES, originally uploaded by mav | port2port.



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