Etsy spring love

It's only about 13 degrees outside right now so I'm trying to warm my soul with some much wanted springtime love. Here are some of my springtime favorites from ETSY.
(from top left to bottom right: spring inspired notes from turtle papers, original pen and ink drawing from remake, "everyday" gocco print from something's hiding in here, hand printed pillow from kaybu.)

I'll be leaving you with this post for a few days, things at the new house are proving to be more demanding everyday so I must be there more and in front of my computer less. I promise I'll be back on monday and possibly with a few house pics to show!


  1. yay! i love that pillow. have a good weekend.

  2. shauna & stephenMarch 01, 2008 7:49 PM

    thanks for the post! glad you like our print.

  3. oh, i really like your blog, it is delightful!

    i agree, spring cannot get here fast enough!

  4. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much for including my pillow. A friend of mine told me it was in this lovely collection. Shows how not up to speed I am with blog browsing these days.

    And a much belated thanks for the very organized swap in December. It was great to get some new, beautiful, and some soft ornaments. Luckily, they all survived when my Christmas tree came crashing down on me. A few of my older ornaments, however met with their demise.



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