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yesturday i was a bit under the weather, today i'm trying to bounce back and i think it's helping alot to know that there is some pretty cool things going on within the indie community. this post is about updates (in no particular order).

Julia Rothman has had some pretty exciting projects under her wing recently stemming from new pillows and bed spread for UO's artist series, to magnets for ipop (coming soon), wallpaper (coming soon), new patterns and she even has posted a look into her sketchbook on her sister blog, book by it's cover.

Also, this coming fall we will be delighted by a very lovely book being published by one of my favorite houses, Princeton Architectural Press. The authors are Maria (Mav) of port to port press and Stephanie Congdon. Living 3191 miles apart they developed a blog last year to share pictures they each took every morning. each day one contrasts the other creating a visual estetic so pleasing to the eye. 3191 a year of mornings will definitely adorn my coffee table next fall!

now it's time for me to make some tea and start my day at the office. enjoy.

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