My posts have been few and far between due to our beginning phases of moving into our new house. what a huge transition for jay and I! My feelings on buying a house are very mixed but ultimately I feel like it's given us a chance to start fresh with our lives and even with our emotions. We know that this will be one of the biggest transitions in our lives and we want to enjoy every second of it, even though it may be stressful at times we feel so blessed to have the opportunity.

Speaking of transitions I've recently received an email from the very talented Fabien Barrel about his new transition into home design. He has morphed his beautiful typography and imagery into wall deacals and other rich home elements...simply stunning.

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  1. Good luck with your move, it is a very exciting time, not that I would know, but I will some day! Hope you have a really great time bonding with your new space.



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