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As the public embraces the concept of sustainability, we are seeing more and more "green" concepts in visual arts. In this I'm starting a mini series, dedicated to those who are including the environment in their work.

Now we all know that there is nothing worse then receiving junk mail everyday in the mailbox (well maybe bills! lol) It's probably one of the worlds largest catalysts of paper waste.

This brings me to two great artists who have embrassed the fact that "junk mail" isn't going to go away anytime soon so you may as well try to work with it. After reading craftzine.com, I was delighted to see award winning Indie designer, Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut open up http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifto us with a little peek into how she uses junk mail to her advantage. Click here to view the video.

I also love the work by Aurora Robson. She brings us the intensity of shape with her multi media expertise! You definitely have to check out her junk mail collages, they are insanely intricate and so brilliantly comprised. (you can also check out her most recent show along side Lisa Solomon, at the SQFT Gallery)


  1. Great work! If you're looking for more sustainable art, you might want to look at http://blog.groundswellcollective.com - we've got a growing collection of green artists' work.

  2. Thank you so much Nicole!! :)

  3. this is very inspirational and I want to go cut up my junk mail immediately!




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