love for craft

I wanted to start out my day being inspired an I think I found a great thing to be inspired by. Penguin book designers are some of the best in the world and I just love how they like to go outside the norm to get what they want for their covers. I'm sure you've heard of David Pearson, He is one I look up to when it comes to great book design. he is based in London and his list of awards ranges from book design to typography to branding.

David has opened up to the world of craft to make one of penguins newest series of books come to life. The series is "Great Loves" and it's penguins collection of the most seductive writings on love. David wanted to mimic the previous "Great Ideas" series covers with a reduced palette to make a more symbolic and recognisable design. Welcome the art of handmade...David focused on more traditional printing methods including screen printing and linocutting but becasue of time and budget constraints he opted for a more simple approach...stamps! The covers would be all hand stamped and then digitally tweeked. Penguin posted a cool overview of this project on their blog, you can find it here and the rest of the cover designs can be found here. It's really inspiring to me when commercial design takes a step back to basics sometimes, It reflects on those craftsmen who do it everyday. I pulled a few of my favorites.


  1. what a great find! these are gorgeous and very inspiring. i'll admit, i'm one to occasionally judge a book by it's cover ;)

  2. they are just simple PS but still looks so good.



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