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I've been playing catch up in the blog world since my little vacation and i want to list a some of the great happenings and emerging art that are getting me all giddy inside! lol

3 cheers go out to my aussie gal, Lara of Kirin & Co. for her great collaboration with satsuma press it's so cool seeing her prints pop up on various mediums and surfaces! and just a little tid bit for ya..you'll be seeing more of her prints in book form sometime in the near future...but you didn't hear that from me! lol

another up and coming collaboration for this fall is this totally cute limited edition "Mr. Lion" flat animal made by Julia Rothman and Soft Goods. This totally brings me back to my childhood with the colors and the bold yarn for his mane and tail!

This next collaboration is sooo big that it's an actual event... okay that was cheesy but I'm very jealous that I had to post pone my trip to Nashville for this show...stupid recession! Anywho, I'll just have to once again live vicariously through Kathleens pics of the show. Oh yeah, I never told you what the show acually is!! the show is called "ladies (and gentleman)", Featuring work by Rachel Austin, Lisa Congdon, Penelope Dullaghan, Ray Fenwick, Stephanie Levy, Amy Ruppel, Catherine Ryan, and Christine
Buckton Tillman
. The show will be held at the SQFT Gallery, Opening September 1, 2007, from 6 to 9pm. So if you can't make it in person like me then you can check out the great photos of it here (of course after the event!)

oh, and one last thing to note..it's kind of a collaboration in a way. Jan at Poppytalk is putting together a virtual Market. Indie Designers and Crafters will be able to rent a virtual space or "table" for a month and sell their goods!! Poppytalk Handmade will have it's grand opening on October 7th so save that "virtual" date!
Shes holding a call for submissions for the month of October right now!

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