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Tonite was the first night in a week i was able to get back to my computer and catch up a tiny bit..and i emphasize "tiny". I'm in one of those overwhelming times in life where everything seems to be in fast forward but you are in freeze frame. ever get like that? i guess it's just lifes little way of seeing if your a good multi tasker.

anywho, i'd like to invite you all to a great event happening Sept. 7th & 8th in Rochester, NY. Shanna Murray and some great partners have put together upstate new yorks version of the renegade craft fair. Please welcome the Second Storie Indie Market!! yeahyyy! (So now you know a small part of my stress cloud...preparation for these things is key and it's crunch time!) to find out all the cool details and to see who else i will be vending with, check out their awsome site and save the date. and i promise you won't see me stressed!

and one last thing to check out, jane at foxy and winston sent an email with a ton of new eye candy! She has set up shop at etsy and it's filled to the brim with new designs and boxed set of old favorites.

I especially enjoy her new line of baby gear!

jane has also been hard at work designing specialty f & w gift bags for the gift bag factory.

and check out her blog to read about what inspires her!

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  1. Gorgeous! Actually, I'm loving your entire blog, having just stumbled over it this afternoon doing a search for holiday cards.



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