Hello All,
I've been a bit distant lately because life has just been so overbearing lately. so i'll be away for a few days, i do apologize for not posting my "feature friday". but when i come back i'll make my first "ff" post twice as long!
right now i'm in a bit of physical pain. something you didn't know about me is that back in the day, i was a speed swimmer and during that time i developed tendonitus in both shoulders and "wing" areas. it likes to come and go, but when we get extreme weather changes here, it pops up with a vengence. so as i nurse my shoulder with large amount of painkillers and heating pads, i have to leave you for a couple days so i can focus on being able to move normally and type more. i'll just have to use this time to read what others are up to, which is always a joy for me.  hope to be back soon.  xoxo


  1. A bit of a break from the computer sounds like just what you need. Feel better soon :)

  2. As someone who suffers from periodic bouts of Bursitis in the R shoulder, exacerbated by repeatedly pulling the lever on a tabletop press- I feel your pain!

    Take care of yourself + thank you for the kind comments of Flickr

  3. Best wishes for your recovery.

  4. Have you tried a TENS machine?


    I read about them being used on somebodys blog for childbirth but apparently they can be used for anything.

    Get better soon!

  5. take good care, I hope you feel better soon.



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