bug fixing...

Just a quick note while i get my act together again... thank Oh Joy! and Decor8 for posting about the new FBpress, that was very kind of you gals!
also, i really apprechiate all the great comments i woke up to this morning, it was unexpected, i love you guys! i have also got some great comments about things to tweek on the site, mainly pertaining to browser usability, we are looking into it and hopefully we can work out the kinks asap, also i suggest NOT using internet explorer if your running on a windows because i hear that it doesn't like CSS at all, you can however download firefox for free here. please continue to contact me about anymore bugs you may see, i aim to please.
soon, i will be back and start being a good blogger again, i promise!


  1. I just wanted to say hi, and that you are an inspiration. I am trying to start something similar.



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