I got an email this morning from the super talented Tara of Ink & Wit. Looks like the site is now up and running! WHEHOO! looks fabulous and I've noticed that she has the same great idea as myself of connecting to an etsy shop for the retail side of things. I've noticed that a few others in our community are doing the same thing. I love the fact that i can use etsy to update my pieces for sale in a quick enough way so that i don't have to worry about waiting for my husband to go into the code of my site and make changes when a purchase is made. So props to you Etsy peeps for being so convenient and helpful to us indie artists! anywho, so go check out Tara's new site and check out all her wonderful original sample works and then go right on over to her etsy shop and buy it all!!!!


  1. I've seen this etsy shop before and really admired her work. It's very graphical and I like the bright colors. Very pretty!

  2. Thanks

    Tara Hogan

  3. I always feel red design is the most attractive one in you blog



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