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Etsy :: Smack of Jellyfish

As i was inquiring about setting up my etsy shop i came across these great paper goods from the Smack of Jellyfish shop out of Alaska! These cards are inspired by a childrens book she made which shows an animal for each letter of the alphabet and the collective nouns for each of the animals. such a clever idea to turn them into greeting cards! and some of the collectives i've never even heard of, so i also learned something new while gawking at the brilliant graphics!

one other thing, does anyone have any tips on how to go about shipping charges when selling through etsy?


  1. Have you browsed the Etsy forums for tips on things like shipping charges? i've found that to be really helpful.

    My shop's only just open, but as I'm selling things that are quite light, I've already managed to get a fair sense of what to charge on average, after having got a weight/price table from the post office. Of course, I'm from South Africa, so my experience probably won't help you much. Nonetheless, maybe it helped a bit.



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