off and running...

Hey look theres a little girl holding judy's journals!!!! Judy has pointed out a very cool and free online goods trade called the Swap Meat, which is being held by some very talented creatives over at Coudal Partners. Basically, you send them something you have made and they send you something that someone else has made for aprox equal value and everyones happy with a fun new suprise arriving to them at any time! I love trading my work for someones elses super talented unique pieces, it's so much cooler then selling! If i get enough time to send them a book or two, i think i may participate, you should too! they have extended their trade dealine until may 1st.
Well, i'm off to NYC tomorrow so i'll be away from blog land till monday or tuesday and then i'm back into the laboratory for another round of books so that i can bring them to all my Blogger buddies....i feel so bad that i sold out before i could bring any to the "cyber table"...BUT, i did not lie when i said my site is coming, cause IT REALLY IS, i promise it is my number one priority as soon as i return!
i hope you all have a great easter and don't eat too much chocolate, you'll get a tummy ache.

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