Lara Cameron

The sweet and talented Lara Cameron has been a pattern machine lately and one of her greatest feets yet to date is getting those awsome patterns onto fabric! well wait no longer people, there here and they are wonderful!!!! I've been lucky enough to have kept communication with her through out this awsome fabric journey and learned what it takes to get a hand drawn pattern to digital and then on to fabric, the things technology can do for us these days is awsome! Lara has posted two patterns each in two different color scemes in her etsy shoppe. I can't wait to get my hands on some! your doing it Lara!! yeahy!


  1. Oh goody! I just love pattern and textile design, especially a small scale, I love reading your blog !

  2. Ooh, I'd love to get a look in to that process you and Lara have been chatting about. I've had silkscreens made from my handdrawn patterns before, but it's so seat-of-my-pants, I'd really appreciate tips from someone with recent experience like Lara. Maybe I should just ask?

  3. Those are beautiful! I love LOVE THEM!



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