hello, ms. ruby!

with the few seconds i have i wanted to post about one to watch in the future. i recieved an inspiring email last week from a Carrie Ruby. Carrie is an aspiring stationier and pattern designer fresh out of school. After reading a few more of her emails i felt like i was reading my own goals and wants (from about 5 years ago that is!lol) Carrie is a recent grad from the school of the art institute of chicago. Like carrie, as many of us do in school, we find a niche and an area of expertise that we wish to soon follow after, if only it was that easy right! Anywho, carrie has a good eye for pattern and color and i really do like her sensability to design. i have a feeling we'll be seeing more of carrie in the future!

I'll be taking the rest of the week off for my last minute details for the fair and will hopefully be back with lots of picks of people buying up my stuff come sunday! and the site launch soon there after! have a lovely and sunny rest of your work week everyone!

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  1. I am on a serious blue kick, and that top pattern is fabulous!



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