{pressing} along

excuse me for not being around, bloggers been acting strange and i haven't been able to post for 2 days. anyone else experienceing this problem?
anywho, since i've must have written this post so many times, i'm just going to give you a quick lo-down!
everyone has been helping me get things ready for the small press fair, which is only 2 weeks away! the husband has been getting the site together for launch april 1st.

and puppy-kitty has everything covered in the "quality control department"!

..that is until she got bored and decided to fall asleep in the scrap chip board box...

i even tried my hand at taking product shots for the site...most were crap but some were okay! (hah, any tips for photography dummies like me are very much welcome!!lol)

so we're getting there! almost done.


  1. Looking good my friend...puppy kitty is TOO cute.

  2. I love that your kitty is doing quality control. Looks like you've got everyone involved - fun!

    I think your product photos on your Flickr site look great - there's lots of detailed ones to show how unique your product is. I like your photos where the books are open as well - so that you can really imagine and see yourself using them.

    I'm not really a product photography expert, but I think whatever makes someone visualise themselves using one of your books makes the best shot. My two cents.

  3. Your books are beautiful, I love that your kitty also helped out. Your photos on Flickr are great, good luck with everything!

  4. I think your shot for the website is looking great!

    And, puppy kitty is just too cute. what a great helper!

  5. hi nicole.
    i have been reading your blog for a while now and have yet to leave a comment (bad...very bad).
    anyhow, i just wanted to say hi and let you know that i am a local girl...i live just outside of Buffalo. i hope to make it on Saturday.

  6. Oh I am so happy for you, how wonderful that you are making it happen! I wish you the best, and I will most def. check out your site on launch day! Cheers

  7. I stopped by the SPBF on Saturday – and alas I didn’t get to meet you! But I did get to meet your mom & dad [so cute!] and I have now stocked up on some of your beautiful little note pads. I love them. They are just as lovely in person as they are on your site. And your larger books are really great too.

    Anyway – I wanted to say thanks for putting the word out about SPBF [your site is where I learned of it. And what a great time I had!] and also – keep up the great work because your wares are beautiful and worth every penny. Now I just need one of your larger vintage wallpaper books...



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