big opportunities::lots of work

Now that I have a short chance to breathe, I'd like to update myself on the progress. I did an ambitous and impulsive thing a few weeks ago: with the launch of the new FB press shop site, I decided to put myself out there and register for the Buffalo Small Book Press Fair. So now I am frantically trying to get the site up and at least semi running and bust out new branding for the books I have to make to sell at the fair. On top of all this my husband and I are getting very close to physically buying a house and we need to available for showing and an open houses. It's a very exciting time in my life right now but at the same time it's very intimidating and overwhelming. So after another weekend of binding, cutting, gluing, pressing, and printing, I did get to take a minute and document some of my secret projects that will hopefully be revield with the new site launch in a few weeks....trust me i'm just as anxious to see the site up as you...here's a few teaser pics!


  1. Everything looks so gorgeous. Taking on so many things can be overwhelming, but I know you will do fabulously and it will all be worth it. Hope the house hunt is going well! Yay!
    Lots of love from the south:) K

  2. beautiful. enjoy every minute of the days ahead.

  3. Wow, it all sounds very exciting, and looks very beautiful. All the best with your developments.

  4. Oh wow, your books are gorgeous, I can't wait for your shop to be live. Good luck at the fair, congrats on everything!

  5. Looks lovely! Good luck with it all!



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