go keds!

I do have to admit that was never a really big fan of keds because they always found a strange way of hurting my feet, but ever since Eleanor jumped onto the bandwagon, i've been feeling like i need to give them another try...i just can't resist. Check out the new spring lines, there are some pretty fantastic patterns being launched.

I also just wanted to thank everyone who has been leaving great comments twords my work lately. Those comments of encouragement me more to me then you know and I do feel bad that I haven't had the time to reply to each one to thank you and show my apprechiation, this also goes without saying to my flickr peeps as well. so with that, i send you all out a big hug of gratitude and thank you for being so patient for the new Fb launch. seems like forever doesn't it?!


  1. i just wish they came in my size! boohoo :(

  2. Be sure to check out the all new Keds Back to School Campaign launching in July! You'll be sure to love the new styles coming out soon at keds.com!



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