2006 out::2007 in!

a new year calls for some new changes in life and on the blog. notice the new header? well this is just the start of it! also notice that freshlyblended has no curly brackets? well i decided that if i was goingto do some revamping, then i was going to do a complete revamping! along with the logo change, will eventually come a whole new freshlyblended site and etsy shop as well, where you'll be able to find some cool handmade, modern stuff. this will be happening within just a few weeks so keep checking back.
as most people try to do, we try to set some resolutions and try to follow through. i decided a few years ago to change the resolution part to goals because i always find some way to get around them. at least with goals i can motivate myself to get some positive things done in my life. so here are my 2007 goals:
1) definately find a new house to buy. it's time for this "transitional" living situation to be done. i need to have my full studio back and get my favorite couch out of storage!
2) is to finally launch freshlyblended and focus on making something of it.
3) get myself involved in new processes such as gocco, printmaking, and possibly learning to letterpress. phase one is already completed, my gocco has landed from japan and it's waiting for me to use! i can't wait.
4) help my husband to be more creative when he's not being a creative at work, involving him in my creative endeavors.
5) this one is more of a want but, maybe get puppy-kitty a brother or a sister at some point in time!
6) building upon the FB blog and post more inspirational people, places, and things and meeting more great people.
7) only some of you know that my initial degree is in illustration, yes, before i became a book cover designer i was all set on being a childrens book illustrator or a botanical artist , funny how life just changes unexpectedly. so one of my more larger goals will be to pick up my watercolors again and do some more pen and ink on botanical studies for possible cover ideas for a new handmade book line. i definately want to get back to my roots of creativity, i need to.

i really believe in making goals, even if it's just a daily regime. it's a good thing to help pump up self motivation and to also have something to make you feel like you've accomplished something. which in fact is a great feeling to have.

So from us to you, happy 2007 to you all, i hope this year is as good, if not better, then the last!


  1. Hi Nicole!
    Happy New Year! Yeay! an Etsy shop! Can't wait to see it!
    Best of luck and happy wishes to you in the upcoming year!
    :) Abbie

  2. Great goals; a puppy! :)



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