This will be my last post until 2007! what a year, i tell ya it just flew by so fast and my life got turned upside-down and left and right and all kinds of other angles too! i went from blogger novice to blogger intermediate, from having a house to putting my house into a storage unit, from just a a book cover designer to a handmade modern creative and holiday ornament swap coordinator........
so anywho, a new year is arriving in a couple days and i already have a huge goal list for myself...you won't get to see it though until i return. what you will get to see right now is a small sneek peek of what the new FRESHLYBLENDED will have to offer...don't get too excited it's just a pictoral! so while i go tweek things a bit, enjoy your new years celebrations and thank you all for all your blog reading, participating, and supporting. see you in the a few days!

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