by it's cover

during my article reading today, i came about a very unusual novel ....or should i say serial novel. the penguin UK has launched a series of exquisitly designed chapbook series titled "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters." the most interesting part of these books is that they are being produced in limited runs of 5,000 copies each. The chapbooks come out weekly, sent directly to subscribers, and each one contains a chapter in the overall novel. There is a slight gradient color of the covers, each installment a little darker than the previous, so they form a kind of descending color-wheel on the bookshelf. Such a handome set of books which i would probubly like to just display on my coffee table, rather then read! now thats what i call smart book design. even the website for the book is lovely, you can check it out here.


  1. Do you know how one can sign up for the chapterbook series? All I can find is a preorder fo the hardcover.

  2. i believe you can only preorder because it's not actually out yet...i'll have to go back and check, did u try sites like amazon to see if they are carrying it?



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