i know i've already said my thank yous to some of our larger bloggers out there but this morning kathleen told me before i could even check that Design*Sponge posted kour swap for us! so a big "THANK YOU" goes out to D*S for posting about our hugely embrassed swap cause without you "big kids on campus" we wouldn't have made this such a global affair some areas we've already touched are participants from the US, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, the UK, and Uruguay! we are well over 200 swappers already and there is still about a week left to join!! don't forget that our swap invitation will become invalid at 12:00 noon (where ever you live on the globe!) on November 1st!
i also wanted to say that i HAVE been sneaking into all your fab blogs as i go through all our great emails and i am compiling a list of all our great swappers sites to post later on!

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  1. You sneak you!!!
    How are you going to devise our 10 people group? I think it'll be so freakin' cool to send things to all these cool crafters across the globe! *sigh* the excitement is mounting. I'm going to pretend it's November this weekend and get crackin'. If you hear Jingle Bells coming from Chicago, IL...it's me...



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