{inspiring minds} want to know....

...how much patientce you would need to print with such grace? after stumbling upon this great Philadelphia based Textile Studio called Galbraith and Paul, i may be getting an inkling to put aside my wallpaper mini books i've been working on (not to forget) and pick up my pen/ink/watercolors again and dabble into some botanical illustration again (which was my main stay back in school) to eventually try my hand at block and linocut printing for a possible outcome of hand printed book collection...think i could do it?....

....my only main stumbling block is the fact that half my home studio is in storage while we are living in transition while we save for a mortgage so the only actual working space i have at the moment is a small corner of my parents basement which will only alot room for what i would be working on at hand, mainly my books lately...what to do when you suddenly change course with your creative intuition? funny because last june as i found myself packing up my stuido i made a mental note of what i would be seeing myself working on within the next 6 months to a year and so i packed accordingly. it was then i told myself i would take a small hiatus from actual creation and focus on more research and networking..give or take a few blessing books for friends weddings and so on....break to today......it was just yesturday i found myself talking to Kathleen about wanting to look into a small letterpress to learn the trade, and then looking for a gocco printer online last week, and to top it all off getting ultimatley inspired by the people who have been joining our swap and finding myself wanting to return to my creative roots again...what am i trying to tell myself here?...i'll have to think about this one.....
oh how i do enjoy organic shapes!

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  1. Oh I LOVE Gailbraith & Paul...such vibrant patterns and colors. If their patterns were all over my home I'd be a happy girl. Makes me want to pull out the old silkscreen and get working too. Oy vey, too many things I want to do. We need Gocco printers...(just to add one more thing!h)



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