oohhh yeah!

i must post about Eleanor Grosch at least once a month but i can't help it, she always has something new up on her site that i must rave about! no, i'm not obsessed...okay, maybe just a little. anywho, i just wanted to point out a few new goodies over at PMPU...El has launched three new keds designs and boy do i have to get my hands on one but i can't desided which design i like best. also, looks like shes begining to tap into the papergoods industry with some great new card designs (some pictured above)..and for those (like myself) who would love to buy everything she makes but knows in reality it would take winning the lotto...you can download 6 great graphics for your desktop...FOR FREE! god bless you el for giving us poor people a nice pasifier with those beautiful desktop images to stare at!

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  1. Oh, I love Eleanor Grosch. I saw those new keds too—awesome. I have the owl ones from her first run, and I totally want another pair! Lovely desktops too...I think I need to download the moose:)h



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