chaos starts now!

good thing i tooki the day off of work today because there is alot of work to be done for tomorrow. last night we tried getting most of the favors and flags for the cupcake tower made, there is just a few loose ends to tie up with that...
luckily i recruted my husband and father to finish punching out the eyes of the love bird shaped plantable paper favors. they we glad to do it!!(so they said!)

just now the rental place came and put up the tent. it took them no time at all and bam! theres a huge tent in the front yard of my parents house!

lumpy was not a happy camper because he and zeus just got baths last night and it's still muddy from the rain so we didn't want them out jumping around in the mud. here he is all pouty at the door!

at least i got to borrow my moms cool rain boots! i gots to get me a pair of these!

all in all tomorrow should be a perfect day, weather wise...i just hope the grass starts to dry up by then....

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