crunch week

i'm so sad that i haven't been able to tinker with the blog. yesturday i was so exhausted from the weekend that i almost fell asleep at my desk at work. last night was another late one. i can't wait for this weekend to come and go. all in all we are on the ball as far as party planning and prepping goes..my dad even rented a port-o-potty for the back yard, this should be interesting!!
so, even though i won't be around much this week, i'll try and post some {quicky} inspirations to keep us moving though the week. firstly, go check out the portfolio of graphic artist jeremy prasatik. viva-amazing print work. so on that note i bid you adue (i'm not even awake enough to spell that properly)...

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  1. Thank you - you links are wonderful!! Have a good weekend..;)



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