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anyone who knows me knows that i'm the biggest fan of william wegman. i've been in love with his work since my 8th grade art teacher turned family friend, introduced me to his beautiful and sometimes quirky art. i had heard that he was holding a new retrospective exhibition so i went to hunt it down in hopes that it would be coming to the Albright Knox (here in Buffalo), but sadly enough it's not. I'll just have to settle for my other favorite artist, Chuck Close, whos showing here until january...at least i'll be able to go see that one.
anywho, so i went to william's site and come to find out he has a cute ( and very pricey) line of people and doggies accessories. i bet you didn't know that before he ever got involved with photography he was a master painter and printmaker! well, as much as i adore his photos it was quite refreshing to see him utilizing his foundation abilities! and boy, if i had the money, i'd be all over that stuff...here are a few thing i just adore.

it just goes to show that as an artist there are endless possibilities to your creativity and especially the mediums you create with. just rememeber that there is never a limit and it's better to take risks and experiment with your talents because the best things are happy accidents!

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  1. "Chip Wants a Dog" is one of our most favorite books :-)



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