finished product

i have been non-stop all weekend. we are getting through the gardens though, i have high hopes that they will look beautiful by my brother, peter's wedding "garden" party. i felt like i was going to fall asleep during dinner tonite so i made myself finish the blessing book because we will be going down to pittsburgh this weekend for peter and joanna's ceremony, and i know i will have slim to no time during this week because it's crunch time at work and i have to get that "pain in the A.." logo done as well.
anywho, i DID finish it, even though i have to put a few more spine spacers in it, i boud it and took some pictures of it to post. sorry about my poor photography by the way, i really need to take photo classes or something cause i can't take a good picture to save my life....hope u can make out the book with these!

here is what the husband and puppy-kitty were doing all weekend:

JUST KIDDING, jay was just as productive as i was...maybe not puppy-kitty though!


  1. those books look great! why is your cat named puppy-kitty? does he/she act like a puppy? so cute..

  2. her birth name is nala but she thinks shes a dog rather then a cat, she fetches and barks and begs like a dog so she is now "puppy-kitty" aka nala!



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