Yes people she did it again! our favorite "poster" girl of print is back in the "skate game"... i was just hangin out on decor8's site of the week for next week, which is absolutly fab-u-lous-ly inspirational...okay okay, i'll show you who it is...... CAKE AND PIE.....
so on kathleens site she also purchased some of the Eleanor Grosch keds (i have to get mine soon or i'll just die!)...which then eventually led me to check in with El...and what do my eyes behold: but new work! she's got some (too cute) new skate decks designed and they are beautiful (am i allowed to cal a skate board beautiful?)
i wish i could post more but i'm at work and my buds are calling me for lunch so check out these new and great things...oh and by the way, hey El, when r u going to do snowboards?


  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. The seal reminds me of one on a Pushmepullyou poster. So cute.



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