ode to a family {legend}

my great aunt frannie passed away just recently and a huge grouping of artwork that she did was found so her husband, my great uncle birdie, decided to have a retrospective of her artwork in a small quaint gallery in springville, new york. She was a very humble woman who did her work only for her, never showing or making profit from it. Most of us younger generations didn't even know she did all of this great work.

When we walked in to the gallery, i felt such a caring vibe from the family and friends that had showed up, some of which i didn't even recognize because the last i've seen ofthem was when i was running around in dipers! So i got to "re-meet" alot of my relatives and see cousins who had kids and view this amazing artwork that ran in my families blood lines. It was so inspiring to me, and it made me realize that you are never too old nor too young to create or even to start creating. i took a few pictures of some of my favorites. most are paintings, abstracts but she did have some photographs and drawings as well.

after the show the family was invited to a light dinner reception at a cute little bistro/cafe next door to the gallery. there they had salads, soups, and rubins but unfortunatley it was so hot that we couldn't stay too long because they didn't have air. one the really clever things i had to take a picture of was their center pieces for the tables. They were made from wild garlic of all things. none of us could figure out if the were real or not because they looked so perfectly clean and crisp just sitting there...so finally my nana broke a small hole into one and then a wonderful fresh garlic smell infused our table and thats when we knew they were as real as real could be. i just loved that idea of using something so completly organic and fresh as a simple centerpiece like that. now i have to go escape from the heat a bit more....ta ta for now!

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  1. It is such a great feeling when discover something new and different about the the people around you. An interest or like that you never expected to come from that person. You are fortunate that you were able to discover a new dimension to your aunt, it definitely brings a new respect for that person...

    love the garlic too.



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