i'm in this crazy "everything sewn" mood lately. i tend to get it like i get my little red friend once a month...seriously, it must come from my mom because shes a professional seamstress. in fact i'm thinking about making a book incorporating all her old pattern tissues from the 60's and 70's that i fought so hard to not throw away last year when we were cleaning out her attic. one mans junk is another mans treasure, you know?! as soon as i get some blessing book commissions done i'll have to start my brainstorming on that project.

anywho, i was reading through my daily's, just cactching up this morning and i came across heather bailey's blog. what a fantastic thing she has created for us. she has everything from tips about simple sewing methods to free patterns like these oh so cute booties first check out her blog and see what goes on in her whimsical mind and then link over to her design site which you'll definatley want to slap a bookmark on! because it's not all up yet.
anywho, it's such a crazy week for me so i must get back to work for now...

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  1. Hi Nicole. I am really enjoying your blog, and I will be sure it link it up to mine as well. Thanks so much!



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