sometimes working your day job for a publishing house, designing book covers pays off...i finally got a bit of time to actually file through some new (not even out yet) book catalogs that my co-workers brought back from BEA this year, and of course the first one i grabbed was chronicle, my fav! i always find so much inspiration from them, their covers are always so clean and crisp. anywho, i found two must have books that i'll definatly be saving some "pennies" for.
one is amy butler's new book called "In Stitches" and the other is called "Stylepedia" by Steven Heller &Louise Fili. There is this one awsome pattern in amy's book for a giant floor pillow i absolutly love and i think i'm going to have to make the huge shopping bag too. i think i'm going to have to make a "books i need to get" goal list in my side bar now! i think they might not be available until september but don't take it from me.

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