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today i found yet another great accomplishment. i forgot to take a picure of this for the portfolio when i made it, like many others (stupid me!). i made this photo album for my mother when i got married last october as a thank you for just being my mom, my hearo, and my greatest inspiration of them all. when it comes time for figuring out what to give the parents as gifts, you don't realize how hard it is to find something that you really truley want to mean the world to them because the've given the world to you. so i remember that my mom would always cherish anything i would MAKE for her more then anything, so i decided to make her a photo album, just for her to put her favorite wedding pictures in...well, it did turn out to be just hers, but there are no wedding pictures in it yet because we haven't even been able to go through them all to decide what we wanted prints of! i guess thats what happens when you have a good friend as your wedding photographer taking countless pictures for you! and they all turn out so great because you know that he knew exactly what to take. someday soon we'll get them all together and printed and she'll be able to fill her little album. i definatley can say though that this little book hold the most of my efforts in it. and it's all for you mom!
oh and by the way, the guy in the inside of the album is my dad in his twenties, i love that picture of him!

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