where do i even begin!...between the endless heat, my 82 year old gramma comming to stay for a month, renovating the bathroom, planning my brothers wedding, my computer at work suffering from extreme water damage for two days, a friend realizing she must put down her 11 year old dog who has cancer and a bit of insomnia i've only had enough time to take a few breaths. so i told myself i was going to take out some much needed time to do a bit of creative brainstorming and inspiration seeking tonite.
i've been so excited to get the word out about a suuuupppeeerrrrr ccooolllll galie and dear dear friend of minekimmy, she is such a talented designer and illustrator and most importantly, the most selfless soul i know. kimmy has decided to try her hand at blogging, which i think is so great for her and will give her the oportunity to seek out what inspires her most and share her talents. so go check her out andtell her i sent U!
i've also wanted nto post something that i wouldn't normally post about but i find it very facinating and a great "creative mapping" tool. it's called curio by zengobi, a brainstorming and project management application it helps to promote visual thinking for gathering and shaping your ideas, while managing all the notes and documents associated with your project. you could be a designer, kindergarden teacher, or corporate vp and use this to map out all your ideas and inspiration....hah that whole paragraph sounds like a really cheesy sales pitch! oh well, i can't explain it any other way, you'll just have to check it out, i'm definately going to try it out for myself. we used to do what they called image mapping back in the college days and i always felt like i got more out of my work when i was able to really put all my ideas out on the table..it definately also helps you grow more as an artist as well, cause we all know that art is the foundation of design.

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