it's all about a clean estetic

so i haven't checked in with the graphic~exchange in a while and i saw so much beautiful work i was missing out on! the exchange is basically designer fabien barral's links list (i posted his work just recently). i do have to say that it's the most amazing link list i've ever seen, it's basically a whole site dedicated to everything and one who inspires him the most! i took the liberty of picking out a few of my favorites:
christel llop {spectacular calligraphy work}

geraldine georges

1st floor

sarah howell

maybe tomorrow i'll show you some more...only if your on your best behavior!!{lol}


  1. happy you like my work, and found in the imahes that inspire me some that insipre you... and thanks for the very kind message.

    Fabien at www.imoments.org

  2. Went to the Geraldine Georges site, and I've got to say that I love her work!



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