makes me smile

right now i totally need to see things that make me smile, so i show you these adorable cards from haute note. they have a great estetic and their horizontal shape is one of my favorite card shapes, perfectly square is still #1 though. i couldn't pick just one to post for ya, if i could there would be more but you'll just have to link over and see for yourself.

the reason for a smile is because i am morning for my friend grace who had to put her dog, zeke down last night. he was one of her kids (the first one infact) but had a terrible skin cancer that was just sooo agressive. he did live a very lengthy life till the age of 11, and a great life at that, he couldn't suffer anymore so he is in doggie heaven now probubly lovin it too. but we will miss him dearly. so smile and think of a giant golden retriever named ZEKE.

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