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Meet Stacy Clark, you may or may not know who she is just yet but i feel a revolation coming on that you will have an unexpected meeting with her again. I do know her but as someone else, a 16 year old fellow artsy fartsy inquisative girl who teaches herself guitar and tries to slip herself into any coffee shop open mic there is around buffalo. well, it is somewhat true, just not today...but about 8 years ago! so today shes playing all over the world and even at the Vipor Room in California. Who would of ever thought that someone from Grand Island, New York would become famous! well, i'm here to say YOU NEVER KNOW.
Another suprise is that i'm responsible for the visual implimentation of one of her past albums, Meanwhile..

it was "MY" first graphicly published accomplishment, i look back at it now and it feels like pennys compared to what i could of done now but i'm sure stacy feels the same way about her music....we all grow and it's alkl about how you want to allow yourself to grow, we can't control our growth but we can steer it in a good direction.

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  1. Hi Nicole!

    Really amazing cover-design, a nice blog, a nice, invisble smile on your face and inspriring links! Thanx and Greetings from Germany!




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