simple elegance

kims bridal shower was super nice, everything was lovely. the blessing book i made for her is to date my favorite book i've made thus far. i've shown myself that i can do so much more with simple design then i could when i was illustrating. My attention to detail is still here but i'm begining to use it in another way. it really is true when they say, less is more.
i've struck gold for free book materials! there is a wallpaper store across the street from the church i live behind and i had an idea one day so i went there..... i walked in and asked the man if i could purchase any wallpaper scraps to make books with. without any hesitation he brought me to the backroom of the store and around the corner my eyes lit up like firecrackers. he said "take anything out of this pile you want", FOR FREE EVEN! sitting in the back of the store is an enormous pile of old swatch books that they save for teachers to come and take as school craft projects. well guess what ladies, i'm here now and i am going to clean house!.....i now have piles of old wall paper swatch books in my living room and studio just waiting to be transformed into books, in fact kimmy's blessing book is lined and trimmed with some of it! it give off such a rich and elegant look, and no one would ever guess it was all for free!

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