look out...here i come

i've finally finished my samples and resume promo. the coolest thing came across me today while i was waiting for the pharmacist to fill my script at target...i walked through the office supply section to pick up something to mail my liitle promotional books out but everything was so totally unattractive. maybe it's me but who really wants to send out something they work so hard on in a brown envelop thats not even the correct size? i don't so instead of buying the mailers i bought some light poppy plastic and some awsome printed cardstock and made my own kick-ass custom mailers!
design to me must include every detail that goes along with the execution, if you don't think everything through then the outcome may not be the best it could be, everything counts! so i'm hoping that this package will wake someone up and get me a better job. it's bitter sweet to me because i love what i do now, you know designing book covers...but theres always someone or something that makes your experience not so great...mine unfortunatly happen to be both. I ultimately want to do what i love doing to make my living and i think little by little with a bit of patience and persistence, it will pay off.

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