the job could be worth something

In an article from this months ID magazine there is this guy who has been working for Knof Publishers for twenty years....are you crazy? Chip Kid is his name and Book jackets are his game! who would of thought it was worth twenty years designing at a publishing house, to him it's worth everything.

There is another great article on Chip at media bistro what an impressive personality and what a strange name too! This designer has slightly shown me that there could be some light at the end of my publishing design tunnel...only if i choose to stick with it. I adore the fine world of book publishing, and i find that there is nothing more sacred then a book and especially a book with a fine design to represent it. although i am stuck here in buffalo i'm going to go ahead and mail out my little sample books and maybe i'll even mail one to Chip just to see if i could get a possible critique. i'll continue working my day job with my precious book covers and see if anything will come of my outreaching! Hey Chip did it, maybe Nicole can do it to!

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