very different yet very much a like

Rebecca Trawick is a great designer, collagsist, and also does some fantastic lettering...i can relate to her and actually got quite inspired by her handwriting cause it looks alot like mine. people say that you can tell alot about someone by their hand writing...hum, i'll have to look into it.

anywho, look at good on paper designs they have used some of Rebeccas handwriting on some of their gorgeous wedding stationary....

beautiful isn't it...ihave such an obsession with letterpress, too bad it's just so damn expensive to learn how right now...maybe i'll come into a surprise inheritance and i can buy myself a nice modern studio space and all the equiptment i need to do my own thing...like many others i must start from the bottom and all i can do now is keep the inspiration going and learn all i can so i can make my dreams come true some day.

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