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One of my most recent designs is a book called Power Failure by Diana Dillaway, it just made the cover story of ARTVOICE (yeay!). Doing this book hit home alot, it really makes you open your eyes as to what really happened to Buffalo. I was also on my way to an art show last sunday at the old terminal and we had to drive through the "bad" side of buffalo to get to this amazing historial dimond and i then realized what people mean when they say that Buffalo turned into "s*%#@"....there were so many old beautiful historiacl buildings that were all boarded up or full of grafitti (no offence to grafitti) or half way burned down.
When i was researching for a cover image to use for this book i got to dive into alot of old panaramics from the library of congress, they were absolutly gorgeus and depicted the times when buffalo used to host the Pan American Exposition and people would travel from all over just to come see that, we were actually considederd in the early 1900's a major hub almost bigger then NYC. You wouldn't know it now. I think if i wanted to do anything other then what i do for a living, i would maybe take a look at historial restoration.

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