Volume 1 :: Camilla Engman

I realize posts are few and far between lately and I do apologize for that. My work days are consisting of doing three peoples jobs in one which can be very draining especially when you come home to a spunky 1 year old and what you'd really love to do is sleep! I'm sure many of you have experienced this very same thing. When things like this happen you kind of have to tell yourself that you can't do EVERYTHING even though you think you can, this is consistently my problem so i've had to make a few sacrifices like posting less in order to have the time for organizing the ornament swap. I'm hoping that after the holidays, I can hunker down and really become more apart of my world here once again.

In the meantime check out this amazing creation from Camilla Engman. Its a 192 page book called the suitcase series :: volume 1, it's filled with all types of goodies from postcard art prints to an original baggage tag. Preorder and get a lovely two color print!


  1. I know that many, many, MANY people are very grateful for your organization of the ornament swap. And holidays are always crazy for everyone. I both appreciate and admire your energy level and ability to get so much done with so many distractions!

  2. Her dog is so cute!! I think ill put my order in!!!

  3. wow. thanks so much for introducing me to camilla engmans' work.

  4. That is really very cool!!!!! I love things like that, where each page is a discovery of something fun & new! Hopefully you'll get a chance to relax soon, sounds like a very busy time for you (and I have no idea how you do it with a 1 yr old!) :) amy

  5. Nice




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