Reality check

It's moments like this that make me feel less guilty about leaving my studio alone for a year and a half to be a full time mommy. It's true, there are those times where I feel like I've let my creative intuition go in the fact that I'm not creating as much or I'm not blogging as much but I don't regret the things I've sacrificed in my creative life to have those moments with my daughter, to play peekaboo and act like a kid again...it's really the best inspiration you can have.
It's really important for me to dive right in to motherhood and give zoe everything she needs to enrich her life and become an excellent person. It's definitely been a trying year but I realized that this was my time to slow down and live my life for someone else for a change, and more importantly I learned that It's okay to set things aside for a bit and learn something new, experience different aspects of yourself you never knew you had. love it, live it.


  1. She's such a cutie. (I know, obvious.)

    I find it admirable that you still do create and blog!

  2. She is adorable no doubt. great autumn

  3. I found this blog via Kelly K. And wanted to mention that I don't think I have seen a more adorable picture ever! I so want to capture an image like this of my niece, nephews or my self ;-D Great job!

  4. And she's adorable! You're right... blogging and creating are great, but children are so much more precious.

  5. These are stand alone moments. Forget the rest - this stuff is the best there is. I have hundreds of photos of my boys.....



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