What home means to me...

Today I'm excited to post my PIN IT FORWARD :: "what home means to me". There are so many things that I could think of to share but I had to narrow it down quite a bit and hopefully what I chose is a representation of what inspires me day by day. My home is a constant work in progress, it's the biggest creative challenge in my life and I am constantly dreaming of what I would call my "ultimate living environment", then again, aren't we all?

To me HOME is....

... A simple, clean cozy space where there is a mixture of modern meets vintage....

.... Where tere are little hints of whimsy where you'd least expect it...

.... where there is a big open space to gather and cook great food...

... where you can display your favorite things any way you want...

... a reflection of the life you have worked so hard to create for yourself and your family.

you can visit my pintrest board to see the other things of "HOME" that inspire me. Thanks to Victoria for putting together such a great blogger mash up!
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  1. I love your meaning of home. Great board :)

  2. oh this is such a lovely board! Can't wait to share my own pinboard with everybody!

  3. this is so lovely, nicole! made me smile. i am so in love with lena's paper flower chandelier. miss you!

  4. love it!
    it such an exciting project... thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is so warm and beautiful!

  6. love the images you've selected! thank you so much for contributing! :) v.

  7. i really like your pinboard and your comments about what home means :)

  8. Loving the vintage meets modern. What a wonderful juxtaposition. I'm typically a bit afraid to use yellow in my designs, but that sofa is perfection.



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